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Yesterday I had a Foreman-grilled chicken breast (just salt/pepper seasoning) and boiled sweet potatoes with honey (I think I boiled them too soft). It was awesome. Not only are sweet potatoes awesome to begin with, but the water from the potatoes and the juices from the chicken mixed together on the plate, giving the chicken a slight honey taste too. The only seasoning on the potatoes was a bit of salt in the water as they boiled.

Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
If it were me living in a dorm I'd be looking for the most simple and effective ways to get in the Pro/CHO/Fat. Buy stuff that doesn't need lots of prep.
Simple stuff? Bah, I did that the entire time I was at home! Tuna, an apple, and some almonds, calling it a meal. It's easy, but no fun.

There's a good chance I'll end up looking for a room College Park sometime this summer. Not only is housing getting full on campus, but there's a good amount of money to be saved from doing it. I could probably get a room for a year for some $7500, and then another $3000 for food for the year. UMD charges $5500 for dorm housing for the two semesters and another $3500 for food to eat during those two semesters (which isn't enough to cover the whole semester, and makes it a bit of a hassle to avoid grain). Then there's $12,000 coming off the tuition, beginning Junior year. Lastly, I could also do without hearing the drunken imbeciles screaming outside my dorm at 2AM. Thank goodness for earplugs.

Re: Jaime
I had completely forgotten about coconut milk/oil. I'll have to look into that next time I visit Shopper's. Loads of good possibilities there.

Looking for beef heart suggestions, I've seen methods of boiling that take 2-3 hours, and methods of stirfrying that take 2-3 minutes (for very finely chopped pieces). I'll pick up a package on my next grocery trip, some onion and peppers too.

I've been using the "cook in bulk so you don't have to later" trick for a long time now. Previously, I'd even grill a week's worth of meat in advance, which probably wasn't the best thing to do, since the stuff would be a bit flavorless and old by days 5-7, but it worked. Now I can only do about 2-3 days at a time, which is fine by me.

Canned salmon is okay, but I can only handle the stuff when mixed in scrambled eggs. Otherwise, the smell, the taste, and just the looks of it are too strong.

Originally Posted by Jaime
In my day as a student days all those years ago it was bags of pasta and rice and cans of tuna and spend our money on beer! Good for you tho - I wish I knew all this cool stuff back then.

Good luck with the college and remember to bag a few hotties! I'm so jealous!
Tuna? That's been replaced by Celeste pizzas. I can attribute all of the equipment I own right now to staying away from blowing my time and money on whiskey, weed, and women all throughout high school. I'm still staying off the whiskey and the weed, but if I can find a nice girl who has some decency, I would be very happy. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many of them around; the guys don't seem to mind.

Re: Gittit
That last one does sound good. I'll take a look for the tahini next time I'm around. Does it need refrigeration?
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