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Originally Posted by Ari Kestler View Post
I've been to the MOM you is kinda like trader joes, but it's expensive. I'm not sure what the closest TJs is to you, there is one in rockville and maybe one in columbia.
Expensive like Whole Foods, or somewhere in between that and TJ's?

Do you work out at the UMD gym?
Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I'm in the HHP (Health & Human Performance Center) Gymkana room for about an hour in the 5-7PM range; on Wednesdays, I'm there for about 2 hours in the 7-10PM range. On Tuesdays an Thursdays, I'm in the HHP weight room for the other hour in the 5-7 range, and there again from 2-4 on Saturdays. Thursday evenings, I'm working (not working out) in the HHP weight room from 7:30-10PM. Friday morning, I'm in the ERC (Eppley Rec. Center) upper weight room for 5:45-9AM, which I follow up with a shift from 9-11AM in the ERC fitness center (ie. the cardio room).

Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
Obviously our ideas of simple are not the same. By "simple", I mean using using high quality food and seasonings in the most efficient way possible. When I used the word "tuna" what I actually ate was sashimi grade with Japanese wasabi. Oh well, I tried.
Ah, yeah, that's a step above my "simple," but the kind of stuff I'm looking for.

Originally Posted by Kris Reeves View Post
The meal plan may be expensive, but can't you also eat as much as you want? I.E. - Sneak in tupperware and use it to stock your dorm fridge with stuff?
No, that's the killer! Everything is a la carte! An apple costs a dollar! An orange too! For salad (which has a large variety of options) they charge $5 per pound. A quarter chicken costs $7 with a side of veggies, and I can easily eat four quarters. A 3oz burger will cost about $2.50, and I don't even eat the bun. Fortunately, because of my sensitivity to gluten and casein (a side effect of eating Paleo for so long, I think, but I don't care), I'm able to request that they cook something up for me which is grain and dairy free. For example, a few days ago they were making some sort of tuna balls, and I was able to get three unadulterated tuna fillets. However, those meals cost about $4 per 5oz piece of meat.

I tried to get out of the meal plan entirely, but they wouldn't let me. They gave me the meal requesting option, which was nice, but I much would have preferred a refund.
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