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I have a few follow-up questions.

Originally Posted by Catherine Imes View Post
I don't maintain a tight grip. The only time I'm gripping is on the drop about the time the bell hits chest level. Then I lock my thumb over my index finger (think reverse hook grip).
Your thumb is outside your fingers, reverse hook, but you're not gripping the bell, until it drops and then your grip it at chest level. Is this correct?

Originally Posted by Catherine Imes View Post
When the bell goes between your legs, the arm should be straight. The hand pointed at about 45 degrees. If the arm is not straight when it swings back, the bell tends to move in the hands and this causes callous tears.
I will focus on this. I did this with the 35lb bell and it did not feel like it was rubbing in my palm.

Originally Posted by Catherine Imes View Post
The other issue is that you need to follow the bell. If you drop the bell and don't move with it, hand issues can occur because your hand is absorbing more of the drop.
Does this mean actively moving my arm down with the bell as oppose to letting the bell drag my arm down?

Catherine, thank you for taking the time to answer my (our) questions. I recently dove into KB Snatching after only doing CF-style swings. I really, really am impressed with how effective an exercise the KB snatch is.
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