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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
No, that's the killer! Everything is a la carte! An apple costs a dollar! An orange too! For salad (which has a large variety of options) they charge $5 per pound. A quarter chicken costs $7 with a side of veggies, and I can easily eat four quarters. A 3oz burger will cost about $2.50, and I don't even eat the bun. Fortunately, because of my sensitivity to gluten and casein (a side effect of eating Paleo for so long, I think, but I don't care), I'm able to request that they cook something up for me which is grain and dairy free. For example, a few days ago they were making some sort of tuna balls, and I was able to get three unadulterated tuna fillets. However, those meals cost about $4 per 5oz piece of meat.

I tried to get out of the meal plan entirely, but they wouldn't let me. They gave me the meal requesting option, which was nice, but I much would have preferred a refund.
That sucks man!

Well, another option I just thought could get the cheapest membership to Costco ($50) and buy in bulk. Go to the one in Beltsville right off of Route 1...assuming you have a car to get back and forth (and if you do...while you're there fill-up 'cause their gas is the cheapest in the area!). Maybe your roomate would go halfsies with you on the membership (since you can put 2 people on one account) and it would only be like $25?

The only flaw I see with Costco you need a fridge bigger than dorm size to store a good way to cook ( a hibachi grill???)

Hmmm.....I don't know...I need to think some more about this.
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