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Don't drink a whole gallon your first day. Drink a quart. The next day, drink a quart + 1cup. Add 1 cup each day as tolerated. Do not zone. EAT. Zoning is calorie restriction. Eat whatever you can find. If you are hungry, you messed up.

Re-read the book.

Take some video of your squats. Then, watch the video of your squats. Then, watch these videos of squats

You should be able to figure out what you are doing wrong there.

Don't post monthly on your progress, post more. Keep a workout log. You've got people willing to give you constructive feedback here, so take advantage of it. Digital coaching isn't a sub for real coaching, but with a video camera and a little writing ability you can get some pretty good help.

Stick to SS. Do not get ADD on your program. Stay with SS. You should be squatting 250x5 (minimally) before you even consider quitting SS. Anything less, and you are probably a pussy.
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