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So i am a junior in college, and i do live in an apartment now, and i feel like i went through most of the same bullshit as you.

i feel that my favorite tool that i use is the slow cooker. if you're IFing, it's perfect. i set it on in the morning, and break my fast with an incredibly delicious meal several hours later. i feel like it's hard to not make something taste good in the slow cooker because all the flavors meld so well.

now more importantly, you're in the dorm, so you dont' have to worry about energy costs with the slow cooker. you can just use it as much as you want. the one possible issue is whether or not they will allow you to use the slow cooker in your dorm room. if you're cool with everybody on your floor, you could try to use it in the kitchen. chances are though, you don't wanna risk people messin with your food. i'd say that you should try to become well aquainted with your RA. don't tell him or her that you have the device, but if they find out, you may be able to get away with it.

i steam my sweet potatoes a lot. it takes like no time to make them this way. just get a steam basket and plop it in your pot. this way you don't have to worry about washing out many water soluble vitamins/minerals.

hard boiled eggs are a must. i normally boil 3 dozen at a time. this way you always have an available protein source, even when your class schedule sucks.
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