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Default IF length and how often?

I am starting a Strength training phase in a few days and have gotten some suggestions that I should reduce the amount I IF if I am hopeing to make weight and strength gains my number one priority. I don't really keep track of my IF schedual but I probrably IF about 16 hours 3 times a week and then have two long fast days like 18 and a 20+ then I have one light eat day along with one big eat day and one eat whatever day. Its pretty all over the place however I am sure that I IF on the moderate to heavy side.

Should I open up the eating window and reduce the number of fasts per week? I know I can gain weight and IF I see people doing it in the forum all the time. I guess I am just trying to put all my focus on the gains for a period of like 3 months and then no matter what I am going back to eating as usual. Any suggestions or experience would be helpfull
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