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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
I am starting a Strength training phase in a few days and have gotten some suggestions that I should reduce the amount I IF if I am hopeing to make weight and strength gains my number one priority. I don't really keep track of my IF schedual but I probrably IF about 16 hours 3 times a week and then have two long fast days like 18 and a 20+ then I have one light eat day along with one big eat day and one eat whatever day. Its pretty all over the place however I am sure that I IF on the moderate to heavy side.

Should I open up the eating window and reduce the number of fasts per week? I know I can gain weight and IF I see people doing it in the forum all the time. I guess I am just trying to put all my focus on the gains for a period of like 3 months and then no matter what I am going back to eating as usual. Any suggestions or experience would be helpfull

You need advice to gain weight?! Eat alot of food, drink a gallon of milk, forget about eating windows, just lift heavy stuff, eat everything you see, rest, repeat.

This subject is so beat, I can't believe it still comes up.

Why IF regardless of eating window if Strength and Weight Gain are your major goals.

Eat, Lift, Rest, Repeat.

Ever thought about shutting off the computer for a few months and see how you get along just eating, training, resting....................
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