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Kevin Perry
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Was going to lift today but lack of sleep from last night and a not so good upper body workout at class today left me in a lot of discomfort in my arms today.

We did nothing but incline, and decline DB bench press, stability ball DB press, standing cable chest press, machine chest press, bench press, pushups, dips, etc.

And of course I got nagged at for not performing the eccentric and concentric portions of the lifts with proper slow controlled patterns to recruit all muscle fibers and neuromuscular connection etc...

Only one more semester of this crap and hopefully im back in the Marines or Army because im impatient as hell with it. It's all good though.

Tomorrow I change things up. Took Gants hybrid program and shot a few emails with Brian D and got some excellent advice. Gonna start radomizing my training tomorrow for more overall enjoyment
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