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Jonathan Owen
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Default 9-24-08 before work


40x1x3 40x2 48x2 56x2 62x2 66x1 70x1 missed behind 70x1 missed front 70x1 70x1 miss (pulled bar really high but out of position) 70x1

cl. and jrk. (2=2cl.+1 jrk.)

50x1x2 50x2 60x2 70x2 77x1 83x1 88x1x3

Not quite as crisp on the cleans as I have been lately, but jerks real strong!

FR Sq.

60x3 70x3 80x2 88x2 94x1 104x1x4

It was written as doubles with 104 but I didn't have it today, I tried a second rep on my last set and missed it. These were all solid but I wasn't "feeling it" today.


40x5 45x5x3


1 set of 15
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