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Charles Moreland
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Thursday Workout 9/25

Warm up -

2 minutes rowing
20 air squats
10 push ups
185# rock bottom iso hold 30 seconds

Workout -

285# Squat 3x5
135# Chest Press 3x5
125# Power Clean 3x5

PT work -

120# Lat Pulldown 3x5

Ok so, back from my week long hiatus. Spent it well, although I regrettably didn't get enough rest. My supra spinatus and left trap feels much better but is still somewhat sore. I might introduce dips again next week at a lower weight.

Squats felt good, but really slow. I actually requested a spotter on my last set because I was afraid I might not get up. Wasn't needed, form was fine, just slow. Quite a rare occurrence, my glutes actually feel sore; a feeling I haven't had in many many months.

I re-introduced chest presses although I dislike them in place of dips. I stayed low mainly because my trap was giving me issues still. Doesn't make sense...I know...but I could feel strain.

Cleans have gotten alot better and I'll start adding weight to them. My pull and transition have gotten fairly smooth and now are pretty much all one motion.

Elbow! Real excited for this. Getting so close to full recovery. I did however notice something strange. Many of the people I saw doing Lat Pulldowns were perfectly capable of dead hang pull ups, but for some reason could not pull their body weight on the pulldown machines. Is there some factor I'm missing?

Seeing as I'm actually sore today, I might go another day before hitting it again.
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