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Week in re-view
This week went by a bit too fast. I had next to zero soreness all week but I also missed two workouts. I’m not going to make up for it this weekend though as I didn’t feel strong at all this week. I didn’t feel recovered when I started warming up for M50 on Monday so the workout was tough, especially the burpees. Tuesday was a bit better considering I haven’t benched in over a year. I’m hoping for a PR next time. In contrast, the push-up part of Tabata Something Else was a surprise. I rarely do them but two weeks ago I dropped down a few times and did 20 easy. Around 25 they started getting hard so I think I could have pushed to 35-40 but during Fridays workout I could only get to 15 on the first interval. Next week will be intresting…

Diet update
More red meat this week. Cals around 2600/day. Started carb-up at 8:00am today and will end at 8:00pm tomorrow. Waist and weight were both up this morning but I have a lot of food in my system atm...I did eat a lot of fibre Monday-Thursday but I also switched my hours at work which messed things up a bit.
Waist and weight
5/9 31.10” 66.6kg
13/9 30.71” 67kg
19/9 30.51” N/A
27/9 31.5” 67.2kg
My forearms, shoulders, chest, back and quads look a little bigger and more defined but my gut looks same as ever. I think I’ll go at least two more weeks at 2600 during the week (and “free for all” on the weekends). I don’t want to jump the gun and change things up more then I already have.

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