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September 26, 2008
*18 hour fast*

Misc. stuff all mixed together
foam roller ~10 minutes
bear crawl ~10m
cross body KB DL - 24kg x 10L/R, 10L/R
stick dislocates - 7, 7, 7
good morning w/ red iron woody band - 20, 20
25 burpees - 1:17
glute bridge - 15
bird dogs - 15L/R
scap pushup - 15
OHS - stick x 12
kb swing - 2H x 24kg x 50
adductor - sidelying - 10L/R
abductor - quadruped - 10L/R
ab wheel rollout - 12
band dislocates - 4
band press -10

-At home workout, nothing structured just whatever struck my mind at the time.
-Left arm- felt a bit strained, I guess I pushed it too hard the other day.
"And for crying out loud. Don't go into the pain cave. I can't stress this enough. Your Totem Animal won't be in there to help you. You'll be on your own. The Pain Cave is for cowards.
Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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