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Michell Kaarne
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Saturday 27 September
Woke up a little sore but feeling great the first few hours. Around lunch I started to looze energy. I got irritated and the soreness got worse with every hour. I should have eaten more food and less sugar tbh

Bran flakes & yoghurt
2 sandwiches
Mini ice cream cone
Bran flakes & yoghurt
Mini ice cream cone
Cupcake batter
3 cupcakes, no frosting (as if that makes it better)
Loads of beef tacos and few nachos
Milk duds

Sunday 28 September
Kept my blood sugar I check today. A lot less sore, much better energy. Not fully recovered yet but Im hoping I will be tomorrow.

Bran flakes & yoghurt
Burger & fries
Chocolate & oatmeal treat
Roasted garlic-chicken & baked sweet potatoes
2 huge bananas

For now I am putting off posting Steven Low type goals as I really just want to have fun with it for a while. Im taking a few weeks/months to try whichever workout I feel like doing while getting some benchmark times and checking my 1-5RM in a few lifts. If I manage to get stronger, leaner and better conditioned doing this, great. If in two months I have a >2xBW dead lift, 5-10s straddle planche, <10%BF and <5m Fran, awesome!
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