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I wish I could remember the source of what I'd read, it was pre internet( at least for me)
but was basically a paper that correlated body weight and longevity, if my non ginkoed memory serves me right the idea was that at rest a heavier person would put more demands on his heart,liver thyroid,etc than a lighter weight person.
One can assume that a 300 pound guy does not have a heart/liver/lungs twice the size of someone who weighs 150lb, therefore his internal organs do more work at rest. More work 24hrs a day= lower life span.
Again this was what I recall from something I read 10 years ago, I'm sorry I can't give any source or checking, but it would be interesting to look at longevity from a BW perspective of "fit "individuals.(disregard obesity and super thin extremes)

I wonder, how heavy are Okinawains?

any of you have any science on this topic?
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