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Kris Reeves
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Greg -

Does this mean - in the case of correcting technical flaws - the full movement should not be performed until the drills are looking really good? Ie. Follow a progression like you listed above, not proceeding to the next until it is perfect? So, if that means several sessions (maybe, weeks?) the full lift may not be performed?

Or, are the foot drills, tall snatch, etc. performed in addition to the full lift (even though the lift may have some issues)?

I ask, because this thread prompted me to really take a look at my snatch receiving position and I noticed on heavy attempts (heavy for me anyway) that my left foot is about an inch behind my right foot. Width is fine, just that my feet are not equal.

This is not a problem on power snatches or OHS, but I do notice it on heavy snatch balances as well.

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