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Originally Posted by Thomas Bailly View Post
I wish I could remember the source of what I'd read, it was pre internet( at least for me)
but was basically a paper that correlated body weight and longevity, if my non ginkoed memory serves me right the idea was that at rest a heavier person would put more demands on his heart,liver thyroid,etc than a lighter weight person.
One can assume that a 300 pound guy does not have a heart/liver/lungs twice the size of someone who weighs 150lb, therefore his internal organs do more work at rest. More work 24hrs a day= lower life span.
Again this was what I recall from something I read 10 years ago, I'm sorry I can't give any source or checking, but it would be interesting to look at longevity from a BW perspective of "fit "individuals.(disregard obesity and super thin extremes)

I wonder, how heavy are Okinawains?

any of you have any science on this topic?
Sounds like going back to CR studies...the less you eat the longer you live. It's probably the case there, as larger people may eat more. (although fat can also put other pressure on the body like increased inflammation)....but in general just because a person is larger doesn't mean they put more stress on the organs just sitting around, as fat is just storage not doing much and no metabolic most likely comes down to what larger people eat. If a 300lb man eats meat and veggies...he is going to live longer than a 300lb man eating processed foods and sugars....fasting insulin is probably the best marker for long term health.
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