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Default Would it be so bad if I just... didn't eat?

So I've run into this problem the past few fasting days. Apparently fasting has shrunk my stomach while simultaneously diminishing my interest in food. My eating window typically closes around 8, and lately 6 or 7 o'clock has come and I just have no interest in eating. Often, I'm still full from whatever massive thing I ate to break my fast plus some midday snack.

BUT, I have goals to meet! 160 grams of protein a day (1g/lb LBM). So I wind up in situations like last night, cramming food into a full stomach in order to meet my protein quota. It's not enjoyable.

I find that this amount of protein consistently puts me between 2000-2400 calories. I'm losing fat on this regime, which is what I want, but I obviously don't want to lose muscle. If I accepted, say, 100g of protein on some days, that would drop me below 2000 calories, and I worry that that would be going too far, and I'd drop muscle and/or send my body into "starvation mode" and not lose anything.

Is that a valid concern, or am I worrying about it too much? What risks DO I run by going too low with daily protein?
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