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Charles Moreland
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Sunday Workout 9/28

Todays workout was substituted with a gymnastics style routine due to my involvement with the Gymnastics Club here at RIT.

Warm up-

5 skin the cat
20 second false grip hangs
5 half bodyweight pull ups
10 Bulgarian dips

Work out -

Straddle back lever hold 10 seconds 1x5
Front support L-sit hold 30 seconds 1x3
Back hang kip to L-support hold 15 seconds 2x5

Today marks my first day devoted to a rings work out routine. The elbow is feeling great and my kips were pretty much flawless and involved no pulling at all. My support holds were still a little shaky but felt great.

I lost my back lever which I'm not thrilled about, but getting it back should be quick.

This workout, although I'm still not exactly 100% back, marks the beginning of my road to the Iron Cross.

Here I come.
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