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Daniel Christensen
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Yael, my $0.02... (with apologies to people with more open-ended learning styles)

Practice what you need to practice. For me that means picking 1-2 things I need to work on and mixing them into some kind of shadow play, and trying to use them every time I roll. I'll stick to a few things for a month or 2.

If your club has a syllabus, make sure you can at least take a decent shot at the techniques expected of you under a bit of pressure (not that you'll necessarily be submitting the purple belts or whoever, but hopefully the technique won't fall to bits). If you don't have a clear syallabus and you don't honestly know what you need to improve you could ask your training mates or instructor.

Some people can pick up techniques just by watching fights, or by downloading heaps of techniques off net, or buying heaps of DVDs or whatever, but unless they are natural athletes they can leave basics behind... "fortuanately" for me I am such a slow learner I have to force myself to pick 1 or 2 things at a time.

I'd be curious what you decide to incorporate and how it works out for you.
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