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Default Feast fit for a freak

The day before yesterday I was 5' 10" 168 at <10% BF... Yesterday I started my Strength/ bulking phase and boy did I feast. My regular diet is about 2000 cal a day at .75g protien/#LBM moderat to low carb and high fat for quite a while. Lets say on avg. 60%F/20%C/20%P by calorie. Yesterday I just went with eat whatever I can from good sources and added some yams and sprouted grains. At the end of the night I had some coconut milk sorbet with coconut oil poured on top to form a hard crust and a small portion of 76% tazanian coacoa which was very low sugar. At that point I had eaten around 3500 calories at about 47%F/31%C/22%P by calorie. And as I was watching some television getting ready to sleep hard I became hugry.... WHAT?!

Honestly I felt like I had eaten too much already when I recounted my feast... but there was no doubt I was hungry so I ate 2 peices thick cut bacon some raw cheese and a uncured tukey hotdog on a peice of flourless sprouted grain bread soaking in the bacon greece and I felt satisfaction. Bringing my total for the day to about 210 grams Protein 306 grams Carbohydrate and 203 grams Fat. This comes out to 3891 calories at 47%F/31%C/22%P and that is a reserved estimate as I don't take certain macronutrients from some sources into consideration (ie. protein in veggies or grains, carb/protien in nuts).

Most of the fat was from clean animal sources and I was sure to balance Omegas. Only 40 grams of protein from Whey 20g along with my PWO nutrition of coconut water and Yams w/ cinnamin, followed immediatly by a feast fit for a king during which I drank unsweetened chocate almond milk and the other 20g whey.

Still I think I must have eaten too much I just wanted to see what I was capable of comfortably consuming and I didn't think it would go quite that far.... can't say i am sad it did though.

today I am resting and have lowered my carb intake significantly like so far less than 100 grams and I won't consume more than 50 more tops. I have still kept protein high like will probrably end up at 175ish and My Ft intake has been tremendous I will end up at like 200g+ for sure and under 225g.

I am thinking I will cut back the total intake a little but I wonder what yall have to say. For one thing I wonder why I was still hungry at the end of the night last night was it do to the switch in Macro ratios and carb sources?

Regardless I have been enjoying it.


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