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Bringing my total for the day to about 210 grams Protein 306 grams Carbohydrate and 203 grams Fat. This comes out to 38886.5 calories at 47%F/31%C/22%P and that is a reserved estimate as I don't take certain macronutrients from some sources into consideration (ie. protein in veggies or grains, carb/protien in nuts).
38,000 calories? I think you meant around 3800 lol.

210g protein = 840
306 protein = 1224
203 fat = 1827

Total = 3855

Now that I've had my PT test I'm trying to gain 7 more pounds to get to 187. I could care less how I get there, I'm just going to eat a lot more good foods.


Since calories are actually kcals I realized you could be using this type of notation rather than the common notation, but earlier you said 3500 calories.
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