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Originally Posted by Jon Sikes View Post
3800 calories doesn't sound that outrageous to me. Plenty of people do the gallon of milk thing on top of their regular meals. I never did the whole gallon (could only handle half) but I was probably hitting 5,000+ a day, every day.

God bless the people who gain mass without adding much body fat (the lucky bastards). I couldn't pull it off. After trying a few approaches, I found it quicker, easier and less expensive to add the milk on top of regular meals.

In all likelihood, you'll gain some fat, but the whole point is adding mass -- some fat's gonna come with that muscle. Accept the potential for extra (temporary) pudginess and get a helluva lot stronger. It sounds like you've got a handle on your diet, and won't have any problems taking off the excess later.

Your carb sources could explain the hunger. Lifting heavy things gives me gnawing hunger. Enjoy it while it lasts. I got tired of eating so much, something I never thought I'd say. Less chewing is an advantage of the milk, but I felt full all the time.

I am with you I am ready to gain regardless of excess fat. I want to get stronger. I would like to add some milk in but I cant even drink an oz. without bad things happening to my guts. I can eat raw cheese so once I finaly get out to one of the local dairies I will try my luck with raw milk.... for now I will chew and chew.
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