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Default need push jerk help--not achieving full lockout

I posted this on another message board, so I apologize for anybody reading this twice, but I figured this was a perfect opportunity to get some input from this forum.


Recently while doing a 5x5 push jerk workout, I found that at heavier weight, during the jerk part (diving under the bar) I'm only getting to about 90% lockout. Then I complete the lockout while I'm squatting back up and resetting my feet.

Is this indication that I need to develop my strength or refine my technique or both?

Should I simply be using a lighter weight for my work sets until I have the strength to get the full lockout? Or perhaps I already have the strength, but I'm missing something?


Also, I experienced some mild elbow pain while doing push jerks, sort of like I had twisted or wrenched it. On the bar, I generally try to keep my hands about a thumb's spacing away from my thighs while the bar is hanging (feet shoulder width). I also try to be conscientious about keeping elbows forward of the bar while in the rack position.

Any pointers here?


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