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Friday was squat/T-push ups, step ups/seated row, crunches/SHEL-C.

Workout was cut short due to car issues stemming from our accident (had to go turn in our loaner and get a new rental until the car is repaired). Left the gym right after the rows were finished.

Warm up was hang power snatches. Worked up to 5x95. Felt and looked good. I've been practicing these in warm ups and it has paid off. Going to try and up the weight soon.

I was determined to wait until the half way point before going for the third round of each workout. Turns out I have no patience. I went for the third round of squats and push ups this time. That hurt. My back is still aching from the third set of 20 squats using only 95lbs. Yikes.

Step ups and rows were only 2 rounds as I was cut short by the calling of my wife beckoning me to return. No cardio.

After 2 weeks, down 5 pounds. Probably gained it back after a birthday celebration with the in-laws. Went to a Basque restaurant where they serve you food until you explode. The soup was irresistible.
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