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Originally Posted by Ron Nelson View Post
I was reading the intro to the workouts routines from "New Rules" and finally saw the suggestions for different types of lifters. Funny, but it seems that I'm actually following one of the guidelines for the lifter with some experience who wants to gain strength, then lose his enormous gut. Lou and AC suggest moving between the break-in routine, then strength I, then fat burn 2 (I guess fat burn I is too easy for intermediates).

This means once I finish my first 4 weeks of Afterburn, I might go back and do Strength II. I'm still watching you for your experience on phase II.

By the way, Strength I was very effective for me. Moved my squat up considerably, and got my deadlift back to 265 after hurting my back.
I found those scenarios pretty interesting and at the time I considered myself to be in Scenario #3 "The Man of Constant Obligation" but as my son has gotten older (he was around 10 months when I first got the book and now he's 18 months) time for me has gotten a little bit easier to manage. I still follow the template in terms of which programs to do at which times though. So after Strength II, I'll go into Strength III and then one of the Fat loss programs.

I liked Strength I but the problem I had was I didn't read carefully enough and maxed out the first 2 weeks into it, rather than progressing slowly and 4 lifting sessions a week was kicking my ass and I couldn't recover enough from the squat days to the deadlift days. Right now I still feel pretty fresh going from workout to workout on a 3 per week basis.
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