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Contradiction right here:

You do need the micro-nutrients (vitamins minerals etc) from "Good Carbs"(Vegetables and fruits) and if you based your carbohydrate consumption solely on chocolate you will die of scurvy.

Having said that, it is more important to balance your macro nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates) and dial in overall portions than to obsess over every micronutrient.
Note that a micronutrient deficiency (which is determined by eating the proper foods) can cause disease and even kill someone if it gets bad enough.

The argument that is being made here always has to be taken to an extreme. If the ratio is the most important, why not make it simple and eat...
Soy protein
High fructose corn syrup a 40/30/30 ratio, maybe throw in a crappy drugstore multivitamin (just to cover our bases). Um, I hope one can see that this won't work.

The higher priority, if one wants to be healthy, will always be the types of food one chooses to eat. Ratios are fine-tuning, and of a lower priority.

Go talk to some centenarians. See if they EVER counted their ratios.
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