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Originally Posted by Philip Stablein View Post
If you can survive til Feb, we can probably do a weekly Costco run. As a grad student I need to eat cheap too.
That'd be cool.

Until then, check out what you can use meal plan money on at the convenience store in Cambridge community. Also, the South Campus dining hall has some better food options, sometimes.
Unfortunately, no. There's the "Resident Points" of which I had some $1150 (down to $850 now), which can only be used at the diners. Every two or three weeks, they'll put a cap on everyone's maximum Resident Points number, and throw away the surplus. The next cap is $750 on October 10th (I've been eating from Shopper's lately). Then there are the "Terp Bucks," which can be used at the convenience stores. I've pretty much bought nothing but Jack Link's beef steaks with that money. Resident Points aren't usable at the convenience stores.
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