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Originally Posted by Jamila Bey View Post
Here here! And that little girl, lifting all that heavy stuff, won't be able to have babies. Like when I was working towards a bodyweight bench press and got pregnant, clearly all that exercise wasn't good for me. And when that little girl grows up and she doesn't have osteoporosis or less muscle mass than she should- blame it on that dangerous heavy lifting she did as a child.

You bad parent you.

(Do those come in teething ring size?)
LOL. It's kinda cool that they're into doing this stuff with me and wi Fit at the mother's. My eldest was telling me she was doing drop snatches/squats/OHS/split jerks/etc with a broom stick at her mother's and had to stop because she kept knocking stuff off the counters. As I'm told, she cleans the kitchen then does drill work on the hard tiled floor because it has the most "stable" surface in their home.

I'm blessed.

All the best,
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