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Originally Posted by Daniel Olmstead View Post
It was a difficult week for the diet. My interest in food has greatly diminished, and I get full fast (particularly with very large meals breaking my fast). Several times I've had to cram down food on a full stomach at the end of my eating window in order to meet my protein requirements. It is not comfortable, much less enjoyable. I'm torn about what, if anything, to do about this - part of me thinks that a couple days a week of steep caloric deficit (ie, <2k) might help with the last push for fat loss, the other part is worried about muscle and performance loss if my protein numbers go too low.
Daniel, I can't speak to the IF aspect of this, as I have had difficulty getting onto a suitable regimen, given my schedule. However, I would suggest that you probably did fine this week. When your fundamental diet is good, you should trust your appetite. Hunger is only loosely a response to an empty gut. It is primarily a hormonal response to caloric needs. If you sprained your ankle this week and haven't been able to do HIIT or run in the way you are accustomed, your body probably simply doesn't need as many calories. Don't change your fasting regime to compensate. Just let your body's natural functions guide you as to how much you need to eat. You just need to worry about the quality of what you eat and the balance of macronutrients, which look fine from your post. You are making fine progress. If your performance starts to slip or you become unhappy with your body composition over time, consider changing something. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the fact that you seem to have found something that is working for you. Good luck.
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