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Originally Posted by Matt Thomas View Post
Sorry for asking a question every other day guys, but I really appreciate all the input and help.

I made one of the pseudo atlas stones like they sell on elite fts to practice with because a buddy of mine and I ordered a stone mold and I'd like to be able to lift it when we make it.

On the lower weights it felt pretty good. When I got heavier I was able to lift it into my lap with relative ease and everything felt great. However, when I stood up and started trying to arch my back to get it up to chest height I felt a twinge right in that area where I could probably get a hernia, about an inch and a half above my groin slightly to the right. This makes me nervous to continue to try for heavier weights because it always feels like there's tremendous strain (even when I didn't feel the twinge) on my lower abdomin/upper pubic area. What can I do to continue to safely practice for an atlas stone lift?
in descending order of importance.

lift a lighter one.
do zercher squats, no belt,
do front squats, no belt,
do RDL's and top down deadlifts

then, learn to use a belt if you're intending to lift a heavy stone.

mostly the lighter "stone" Unless you've had a lot of shitty jobs, bracing your gut and back in a rounded bent over position is challenging and not immediately intuitive.

don't woryy. soon you're sticking point with same as mine, my arms aren't strong enoguh to pick the damn thing up and you'll have to do stuff like towel pullups.
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