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Olympic lifting update
So, I did a C&J workout on Tuesday and a snatch workout Thursday. Both at the Olympic lifting club.


Previously I have done some ballistic lifts with kettlebells and dumbbells, plus a few power cleans with the Olympic bar, but learning the C&J and snatch from a professional coach is so much more fun and challenging. Working out with a group of guys who all want to build maximum strength, explosiveness and technique is completely new to me, at least in the gym. It痴 kind of like martial arts practice.

I知 able to train with them on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays so I値l have to build the rest of my training around that as soon as I adapt to it. I still want to work on the planche and front lever as well as some high-rep met-con/gpp.

I致e had a hard time remembering sets/reps/weights after the workouts. I知 so concentrated on doing what coach says. Weights are kept low though. Funny thing is they are letting me add weight and complementing my technique even though I知 a beginner. I was sure they would give me a broomstick and then critique the hell out of me but coach says he値l expect more of me after each workout. Next workout is tomorrow!
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