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Default Guy I train with is fighting in Elite XC tonight

One of the Black Belt instructors for Gracie Barra Orlando is fighting on the Elite XC card tonight on CBS.

Lorenzo Borgomeo (170.25) vs. Mikey Gomez (170.25)

Mikey won his last fight about 2 minutes into the first round with a triangle armbar. He is a real dynamic fighter and the guy he is fighting is from ATT. Should be a good match up for both of them. Mikey is fighting after only 5 weeks maybe from his last fight.

I will be at Disney with the kids for the not so scary Halloween party so I will miss the fights. When I first heard about it I was going to go to the fight then I realized I was already busy. I don't know if his fight will be televised. But I am DVR'ing just in case.

Another interesting note Gina almost didn't make weight, it apparently took her three tries.
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