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Default Gastric Bypass Alternative

So, basically, they put an adjustable rubber band around your gut to reduce the amount you can eat, rather than cutting off a large chunk of it. This makes it much more safe than gastric by-pass surgery. I'm not seeing any explicit pricing, but I assume it'd be cheaper too. I'm fairly certain that few people here would call this a good thing, as it just enforces bad eating habits and the "there's always an easy way out" mentality, but for those seriously contemplating gastric bypass, this seems to be a better alternative. The next step is to just get people to no longer need gastric bypass surgery!

On a side note, if I decide to move up to the 105kg weightlifting class (currently in the middle of the 94kg), I'll be "obese" by BMI standards, and qualify for the Lap-Band. Hah.
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