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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Good point Dave, though I did date a girl for a long while who was in the process of developing a very severe metabolic disorder and ended up requiring medical and psychiatric intervention, though it was anorexia... opposite end of the spectrum, just as nasty and unhealthy. And you're right, it's not fun, it's a brutal experience for all involved.

My personal problem, is that KP patients who are candidates for the Lap Band are monitored and "forced" to exhibit self control and weight loss of a certain percentage or number of pounds before they can be approved. Why not just push them the whole way to a "healthy" bodyweight?

There are those who have thyroid issues (my uncle is one of them), and other hormonal disorders over which they have zero control, and a Lap Band or Gastric Bypass is a good way of implementing rather severe caloric restriction to help aleviate the weight issue and improve the quality of life. I have zero problem in this case. Certainly a good thing.

For most others though, self control is all that's needed. It's not easy, but it is simple. The sad truth is that we enable in this country, and we have a whole generation of children likely to die before their parents as proof of it.

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just sad at the state of what's happening with our population.

Derek the anorexia tie in is very apt. Anorexia and morbid obesity are not simply metabolic nor purely psychological issues, they're both.

Both are severe addictions, and expecting anyone to suck it up and just quit is dismissive and ignorant...not than anyone here would do that, but there is a prevailing tone among members of any "fitness" arena to take an evangelical approach to these kind of issues.
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