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Michell Kaarne
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Saturday 4 October
Tuck Planche 10s 10s 15s
Advanced Front Lever 30s
Straddle Lever 6s
Advanced Tuck Planche 10s

3 cheese sandwitches
Salmon burger and potatoes
Cinnamon bun
Chicken tikka massala
Ben & Jerry’s half baked ice cream
3 low alcohol beers (3.5%)
Bunch of candy

Sunday 5 October
Advanced Tuck Lever 23s 15s 10s
At the club:
Lots of C&J work. Don’t remember sets/reps.
Front squats 50kgx5 then 5x5@60kg.
3 rounds of 6 pull-ups & 10 dips.

Oatmeal with blueberries, blueberry jam & milk
4 big cheeseburgers
100g potato chips with yoghurt dip
2 mini ice cream cones
the rest of the milk from this morning (1 litre)
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