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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
Of course I'm one to talk (and you can all laugh at me) I'm extremely addicted to MMORPG video games. No lie, I'd go on 48-hour playing marathons, which is why I had to quit playing MMORPGs. They were taking over my life.
I won't laugh. I had a few hundred days down the drain before I quit. Fitness is a much better hobby, being self limiting, and having better results from intensity than from volume. Plus the persistent gains you get when working out have a value beyond pixels on a screen or numbers in a database.

But I think the issues of addiction, control, etc are very apt. I think that there will be a few cases of people who are CF addicted. Its got many of the same qualities of an MMORPG or of food: reward, repeatability, community, and having lots to master.

My fiancee wanted to make sure I wasn't repeating the same poor behavior patterns when I first started CFing and particularly with PLing and weight gain. She was worried, and rightly so, that I would simply never stop. Always chasing the next DL number or the next weight class. However, I made SURE when I started CF, that it would be sustainable, healthy, and that I would not spend massive amounts of time researching, reading, practicing. So far so good!

But no matter the arena addiction is hard to break. A relevant question: what proportion of lap band and surgery electees are truly clincally addicted to eating? Or is it simply just a pattern of convenience? I actually don't know enough about morbid obesity, and I oughto learn more, and find out how it differs from what I could term "casual obesity".

Although I admit my own limitations, it seems that Dave's point about the disorder being neither purely metabolic or purely psychological has some face validilty. I just spend Saturday at the Obesity Society (treatment not practice) annual conference, and there was very little about the psychology of food addiction. Mostly just chemical or clinical info sessions, abstracts etc. Lots of bio too. The one presentation I went to about "coaching weight loss" was nice, from the point of view that a lot of clinicians needs to be reminded that weight loss/health arent just about the number on the scale, or the drug regimen or the food log.

On a less serious note, I too will be moving up to the obese weight class this winter! 95 kilos here I come!

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