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Originally Posted by Yoon Sohn View Post
Brief Squat Workout.
61kg x5
70kg x5
79.5kg x5
84kg x5
88.6kg x5 (3, rest, 2)
You did 135/155/175/185and195 but converted to close kg equivalents, right? Hmmm. Maybe that's not a bad idea if it makes reviewing the log easier.

EDIT below

Ok, so I took your idea and put it in my log. I also added the "total squattage" stat, which is total weight in all sets.
Thus we see that Thursday's
135x5/135x5/135x5/185x5/185x5 totals at
while never going more than 185.

Saturday I did heavier weights
135x5/155x4/185x3/205x2/215x1 but only totaled

This may be useful in looking at training volume in the future. Since I usually stick to 5 reps or less it may maintain some utility. It might not.

Also, your total squattage is 4225lbs, higher than my two listed days (but mine were Front Squats). But you missed making a true 5x5. So you did a lot of work, but missed on the last set. As I understand the 5x5, the first 3 are often used as warm up and the last two are the work sets. So maybe lighter work is called for in your earlier sets so you can make the 5x195, which is a good hard fifth set, by the way. If that was your inention.
Also, excel is awesome for playing with these numbers.
See, aren't you glad you have this log so I can analyze this for you?

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