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Default Hyperextension Injury

Hi All,

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Around May of this year, I hurt my arm doing Snatches close to my 1RM. It felt like a hyperextension injury, similar to an armbar in BJJ, and I couldn't straighten it for a few days. Cue lots of Ibruprofen.

Since then I've injured it once for reasons I forget, and then doing Barbara on Saturday it started to flare up. I reckon it ws dropping to the bottom of the pull up too harshly (kip technique wouldn't be perfect by any means)

There's swelling here:

and a shooting pain here when I try to extend my arm.

Also, as I type, there's pain on the inside of my elbow.

Anyone know
A) What I'm doing with my lifts to cause this? (Can put up videos if needs be)
B) How I rehab/strengthen this?

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