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Default Mass and Strength progress

Just Finished my first week of my Strength and mass gain schedule.
I have two questions the first is it has been suggested that I alternate heavy DL and RDL every other week to allow for sufficiant recovery for the DL. Last week I did 5x5 from 225-255. I felt like I was still low enough in weight to do the DL every week for this first cycle. What do you all think?

The second thing is this first week I gained 4 or 5 pounds, does that sound right or should I back off the food?

I was at 168 and 10%BF and have been eating roughly 3000kcal-3800kcal a day with more carbs and calories on training days and more fat on rest. on a training day my ratios are like 45%F 33%C 22%P and I am consuming between 175 and 210g protein a day.
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