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October 3, 2008
*15 hour fast*

1. Warmup
1 inch bird dog - 0:10 x 5/R
foot mobility drills ~25m

2. Parallete routine 1 minute rest between sets
tuck sit- 0:15, 0:12, 0:08
l-sit - 0:15, 0:11, 0:09
frog stand - 0:05, 0:11

3. Strength
KB floor press - 24kg - 8L/R, 8L/R, 10L/R
KB single leg RDL - 12kg - 10L/R, 10L/R, 10L/R
(superset with full rest - 0:30)

parallette pushup with feet on bench - 4010 tempo - 10, 10, 7
KB goblet squat - 24kg - 12, 12, 10
(superset with full rest - 0:30)

Rest 4:00

4. Conditioning/metcon
OALC C+J - 24kg - 4 minutes w/ hand switches every minute - 6L/R, 6L/R w/emphasis on proper rack positions on every rep

rest 4:00

For time: KB = 24kg and swings to above chest height
10 burpees
10 KB swings
9 burpees
10 KB swings
8 burpees
10 KB swings
2 burpees
10 KB swings
1 burpees
10 KB swings

Total time: 6:57

-At home workout today, nothing special until the end, that sucked
-OALC - Trying to really get proper rack position on every rep really slowed my RPM's and as Shaf said it made things really uncomfortable. I'd like to try it with the lighter bell for 2 minutes and see how that feels this coming week.
-metcon - This SUCKED! But I was happy with it was it was almost completely unbroken! I took a few breaths the last 3 sets prior to starting the swings but I didn't have to stop on the burpees or swing sets at any time. This was a workout that Jason C. Brown had posted a bit ago as a 5:00 challenge. I'm not sure how in the world I could shave off 1:57 since I felt like I was moving at a pretty fast pace.
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