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Anton Emery
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Progress is going ok. Just started Week 3 today. Squat is at 220lbs now. Feeling heavier but doable. Press is at 105, bench at 165, Deadlift at 235. All for 3 x 5.

I am curious how long i can ride this out. I am intermediate on Rip's Barbell Strength Standards. I have just been adding five pounds to the bar every time i go in, though ten pounds on the deadlift. I was always a horrible presser, so i may get stuck with the bench and press pretty soon.

I am about ten pounds heavier so far. Definitely some additional fat, i think i ate a bit to much in the beginning. I feel i have gained some muscle in my upper back/shoulders as well as posterior chain. I can get rid of the fat later on, if i can keep progressing on the lifts then i will be happy.

I have been grappling a few days a week, trying to keep it light, but occasionally I'll get competitive and roll hard. I don't feel the additional weight is hurting me. I am bit more tired on the mats, but i think that is due to not rolling much lately, as opposed to the extra fat/muscle.

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