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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Real muscle is hard to lucky at a true gain of 1-2lb a month consistently. Now glycogen loading and hypertrophy is a bit easier and can add up the total lbs much quicker. Of course with any glycogen loading program comes the chances for fat gain as unless you exactly know your spillover point from which glycogen goes from the muscle into fat cells, you will gain fat. Chances are your body is only hard wired for so much muscle any new lifting plan will increase it, once you plateau you have to change things up with glycogen loading cycles and varied training protocols. All depends on your goals.
MOD I have seen you post a few times on adding 10 rep sets post strength sets for added hypertrophy. At first I am like... yeah I'll do that then I check my motives.... like you said what are my goals... GET STRONG! period. The Mass gain I am undergoing is honestly to fascilitate just that right now. I fear I will be over training if I add hypertrophy sets and right now I don't want to neglect strength work. What do you think?

My plan is to do this 6 week strength intensive progressive loading cycle of primaraly sets of 5 and below all compund movements with a little explosive and sprinting type stuff one day a week. Then take a week off find my 1rep max for the PM Mass Gain templet and expect a bit more hypertrophy and have the advantage of my new strength to boost my progress. Finaly as I taper off the food I will use a MEBB template to begin getting back into metcon while retaining my new strength and do some carb cycleing to lean out.

OK that was probrably more than you wanted to know but... Anyone have thoughts opinions suggestions or criticism?

Yeah, where's their proof? I don't see any studies or citations.
I know bogus. Honestly it has me interested though which is only anoying so far I will keep looking for legit sources.
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