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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
MOD I have seen you post a few times on adding 10 rep sets post strength sets for added hypertrophy. At first I am like... yeah I'll do that then I check my motives.... like you said what are my goals... GET STRONG! period. The Mass gain I am undergoing is honestly to fascilitate just that right now. I fear I will be over training if I add hypertrophy sets and right now I don't want to neglect strength work. What do you think?
Highly doubt a few 2x10s are going to overtrain you unless you go to failure. Strength is more CNS responsive than glycolitic, but you can deplete muscle glycogen and prime for reloading and growth (of course best used 1-2x a week). Can't hurt as it's not the main focus and also the bigger you are, the stronger you will get. Everyone does it....even the boys at Westside.
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