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Mike that is the inevitable conclusion every time try it and if it dosen't work change it.

Right now I am eating alot of carbs and usualy I eat almost none.... I am gaining a noticable amount of fat..... I was honestly epecting that but I think I am going to switch it up and cycle.

Once on my heaviest strength day, tues. DL every other week and thur. BS on off weeks, and again On my highest rep day Sat. I will do some Oly form work one heavy lift and a full body hypetrophy focus at the end before my carb up. the carbs on other days I will keep at around 10% calories and do a little fruit in the morning and banana PWO if its not a rest day.

I have also only been IFing 18hr. once a week and I miss it I am gonna throw in another whenever I only have 48 hrs between carb days. I'll see if I like that any better.

I guess I will keep calories close to where they are for now by upping the fat and some extra protein hit like 1.5g/#.

Thanx everyone we will see what happens next.
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