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Quickly into the first workout of week #1, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to complete all this. I halved most the reps. We'll call this week -1 and ramp things up.

7 October 2008

Ankle jump: 2 sets of 50
4-star drill: 2 sets of 5
Alternating lunges: 2 sets of 20 (10 on each leg)
Jump squat: 1 set of 10
Slalom jumps: 2 sets of 50
Lunge jumps: 2 sets of 5 (on each leg)
Low squat ankle jump: 2 sets of 30

BW Strength Training
Low Peterson step-up: (3-1-2) 1 set of 25 (on each leg)
2-leg ski squat: 1 set of a 10 second pause in each of 5 positions
Split squat: (5-2-2) 2 sets of 8 (on each leg)
Cross body off-box lunge: (3-2-2) 2 sets of 10 (on each leg)
Standing hip abduction: (3-2-2) 2 sets of 13 (on each leg)
Scissor hip extension: (3-0-x) 2 sets of 10 (on each leg)
Bodyweight squat: (1-0-x) 2 sets of 50

This really kicked my ass. I think I may have to start to wear my lifting shoes, as I have a mild strain of my big toe that gets aggravated by the lunges; it seems the sturdiness of the lifting shoe compensates for this.

I'll do this (halved) workout again on Thursday and next Tuesday and target the week after that to start with the full deal.
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