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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post

How many carb ups are you doing? How are you getting your carbs? (all in one sitting?). Usually 1-2 carb ups a week is best. Best approach too is spreading the carbs out.....multiple meals, slower absorption. Fat = Carb spillover from muscle which could mean either it's not as depleted as you think (too many carbs).....or you are putting too many carbs in at once. You can start with higher GI based carbs right after and then start getting into more slower ones. That and watch fruit once your liver glycogen is full excess fructose is going to end up in fat.
Sounds good I am gonna start off with two loads a week tue/sat my one big question.... I unfortunately can't drink guiness .... what is a good alternative for loading?

But seriousely should I do the a little fruit and Malto dextros recvery drink thing to start the load then go to like yams, sprouted/fermented grains? Should I do a little white flour products early on?

I know the answer is going to be try it out and see what works for you . I guess the biggest question I have is with regards to wanting that PWO insulin and glucose rush in order to make it effective but maltodextros and white bread just weirds me out if it is better for the kick off thats fine though. Any experience you have would be appreciated.

Oh and back when I was doing a similar plan I had read that a carb rich meal pre work out would help get the insulin going for the load and perhaps that would lessen the need for liquid/refined carbs PWO. However back then I loved maltodextros and white bread .
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