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Originally Posted by Patrick Donnelly View Post
Another question about sweet potatoes, but not the ones I'm cooking...

They sell boiled sweet potatoes at one of the restaurants in The Diner, and they were great at first, though the quality seems to be declining now. The yams are boiled and chopped, and served in some sort of dark brown viscous sauce, kind of like a dark, thick, smooth apple sauce. It's very sweet and cinnamon flavored. Previously, the sweet potatoes were just lightly coated in it, but now the stuff is making up half of each serving (by volume) and it's absolutely repulsive.

The workers there can't tell me what it is (due to either just not knowing or influent English). Do you guys have any clue?
Sounds like HFCS, thickening agent, and natural flavor Is scraping it off a reasonable option, or asking the workers to give you as little as possible? If you can make a friend with a student who works in the dining hall, you can get plenty of inside info, although I am sure this brown sugar sauce comes out of a Sysco package...
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