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Charles Moreland
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Friday Workout 10/3

This is way late, but for a reason…

Warm up-

1 hour of Tae Kwon Do
2 minutes rowing


295# Squats 2×5 1×3
45# Dips 3×5
125# Clean 3×5
225# Deadlift 1×5


5sec Negative Pullup 2×10

Today marks my first failure at moving weight in my squat. This is severely depressing to me.

With that said, I did wait nearly a week before once again going to the gym. Also it was at the end of the day. To compound this, I lost 5 lbs during that week break while maintaining at least 4000kcal a day.

Regardless of this depressing end, I feel that starting strength has gotten me a great step in the right direction for my training to come. I’ll address this in my next post.
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