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Charles Moreland
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As mentioned in my last post, my training has not exactly come to a fork in the road, but rather a smaller more direct road. I spent a total of 66 days on the Starting Strength program, which Iíll admit isnít that long of a time.

In two months, I gained 15 lbs of almost pure muscle. My body fat percentage varied between days from 7% to 8%. The effectiveness of this routine is mind boggling.

How much my progression is attributed to genetics I do not know. However, near double bodyweight squats in two months is purely astounding.

My training is going to shift slightly; things will be added and things will be taken away. I enjoy the place where I am at right now and feel like I have a good foot in the door for whatís to come.

Once I have my new routine solidified and figured out I will update.
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